Researchers and industry professionals show new directions for future skin studies and product development in Princeton, USA

From 4 to 5 October 2017, specialists and researchers who work in the areas of basic and applied skin research, product development, claims substantiation and skin product testing will share experiences and data about the current state of skin research by the TRI Advances in Skin Science Course in Princeton NJ, USA.

BIOX Systems Ltd., a spin-out company from London, developing novel instruments for skin bioengineering, which is represented on the Japanese market by our affiliate company K.K. IRISU, will also take actively part in the event.

Prof. Bob Imhof (BIOX Systems Ltd.) will give a lecture on “Skin Hydration and Measurement”. During the hands-on workshop Prof. Imhof will also demonstrate to the participants the “AquaFlux”, a top-performing instrument for skin barrier characterization and “Epsilon”, a novel instrument for contact imaging of human skin, hair and a wide variety of other soft materials. “Epsilon” is licensed by L-Oréal for unrestricted use on skin, hair & mucous membranes. Both instruments were developed by BIOX Systems Ltd. and could be used for various skin measurements.

"AquaFlux" by BIOX (Source: BIOX Systems Ltd.)
"Epsilon" by BIOX (Source: BIOX Systems Ltd.)